A year of progress

It was a year ago this weekend that our tiny house adventure officially began with the arrival of our trailer. We had hoped to be finished and moved in by now, but we have pushed back our estimated move-in date so many times we decided to stop making one.

We’ve been working on the interior walls off and on since the beginning of January. We finished putting up the 1/4 inch tongue-and-groove pine board wall material and began priming it today. As I mentioned in this post, we had to finish filling the space in the walls with loose fiberglass insulation and we ended up using 5 bales worth. Thus the tedious 4 month project!

As the walls went up and I saw how cozy and pretty it was inside, I began to question our previous decision to paint the walls white. We didn’t want the cabin-feel that wood walls with knot holes tends to create, so in the end, we decided that we’d better stick to our original decision, and began priming this weekend.

Not too many projects left! Here’s to hoping move-in day is before this time next year! 🙂