Homemade Lancet Window

One of our fancy wishes for our tiny house was a lancet window in the loft above the front door. The Tumbleweed Elm tiny house was our inspiration. Tumbleweed told us they get their lancet windows from Lowe’s; however, try as we might, we weren’t able to find one small enough. In fact, Lowe’s said they didn’t even make them with the dimensions we were looking for (18″x24″).

So, what do you do when you can’t find the cute window? Make it yourself, of course! When Kyle said he would just make the window, I was thinking, “You can’t just make a window. Those come from the store.” As though windows just appear and aren’t made by someone somewhere. 🙂  But Kyle’s craftsmanship continues to surprise me!

After making a template of the desired size and shape, Kyle made a mold to create the curve to the sides of the frame. He glued 4 layers of 1/8th inch hickory boards together, then while the glue was still wet, shaped the boards in the mold, clamping it together until it dried.

The bottom of the frame was made out 1/2 inch hickory. After the glue was dry, Kyle sanded the sides of the frame and fastened them together, creating the lancet shape.

When the frame was completed, Kyle took it to a glass shop to have the glass cut. We decided on clear double blue chip obscured glass. He made a wood stop on one side of the glass and caulked the other side using a silicone acrylic caulk that the glass cutters recommended.

The exterior trim was made out of scraps of cedar boards (same as the rest of the exterior window trim). Kyle traced the window and and cut it using a bandsaw.

I love the window, and the lofts are quickly becoming my favorite spots of the house. I like the first loft for the unique window, and the second loft for the unique (and troublesome) roof line. Actually, I have lots of favorite spots. I’m also really excited about drinking coffee and having morning devotions on our homemade couch by the large picture window in the great room. And I’m sure there will be more favorites along the way! 🙂

PS. We’ve also been plodding along with the interior walls and ceilings. It’s taken forever and we’re really ready to be done with this project! With every board we nail in place, we have to finish stuffing the wall with loose insulation (see post on insulation for that whole story). More pictures on the interior walls to come, but for now, here’s a sneak peak!


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