Lessons on shou-sugi-ban

After a month in Thailand, we are back at the construction and blogging on house-related things. The outside of our house has been mostly finished since mid November. The roof is all sealed up and trim finished. The shou-sugi-ban siding is all up (minus the front of the house). Kyle even made a makeshift door to keep the snow and wind out and a little warmth inside while he works through the winter.

Thought we’d give an update to the fading of our shou sugi ban siding that I mentioned in the Siding and trim blog. The sweet tiger stripes that comes with burning the cedar boards faded significantly once the cedar siding was installed on the house and exposed to the sun. After a few months of being all up, it’s starting to blend and the fading lines aren’t so obvious.

Without a lot more experimentation, we’re not sure how to make the burned look not fade. If you’re wanting to use shou-sugi-ban, maybe try a stronger seal. There are some places on the back of the house that need to be re-stained/sealed. When we are completely done, we will likely re-stain and seal most of it. We’re not counting on that brining back the nice shou sugi ban contrast, but at least it will ensure it is protected.

Here are some progression pics of the fading process.  After 3 months of exposure, the contrasting lines have almost completely faded.


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