Materialism at Christmas

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, with Christmas right on its tail! It was this time about a year ago when Kyle and I began to evaluate our accumulation of stuff, began to map out floor plans and think about tiny living as a real option for us.

So as we get into that season of “shop, shop, shop,” I have have a proposal for you to consider. It’s not new. I don’t take credit for it. I just want to share it with those of you who are looking for more meaning to Christmas, to the American Dream, to life. For those of you who are pursuing a tiny house lifestyle, perhaps you will be able to relate to some of these thoughts and rubs with materialism. And to all of you who read this, I hope it will shape the way you choose to send your money this Christmas season.

Every Christmas, our church does this thing called Advent Conspiracy. From their website, they are “a global movement of people and churches resisting the cultural Christmas narrative of consumption by choosing a revolutionary Christmas through Worshipping Fully, Spending Less, Giving More and Loving All.” One of their invitations is to spend less money on the meaningless gifts and give more to people who really need it.

Living in North America, we are some of the richest of the world. If you have traveled outside the States you may have seen this. Let’s look outside ourselves and to others this Christmas season! God has given you the resources you have so that you can meet the needs of his people next door and around the world. Check out the video below and consider what God may be inviting you to do with the money he has blessed you with this year.

Kyle and I are not big gift givers, so for several years we have tried to be more conscious about the gifts we buy for family and about giving to ministries helping the lesser fortunate. We are excited to continue this habit more intentionally as we downsize our life and live on less so that we can give more.

On a side note – This Christmas, we are embarking on another venture to Thailand with Kyle’s family on a program with MB Mission called “Give Christmas Away.” Instead of exchanging gifts, we are giving our Christmas away to serve the missionaries and Thai church as they host outreaches for their neighbors and tell them about the sacrificial love of Christ. We will be working alongside the same missionaries we worked with 2 years ago when we were on the TREK program with MB Mission. (You can read more about our adventures on TREK in the “Missions” page of this blog.) Kyle and I are excited to hang out with our Thai friends who became like family to us while we were there for 7 months. We’re excited to introduce them to our blood family and to serve alongside friends and family as we share the true meaning of Christmas with Thai Buddhist who have never heard.

give-christmas-away banner2

How will you choose to use your resources this Christmas? Will you consider spending less on gifts and giving more to meaningful ministries this year? Christmas doesn’t have to be stressful or break your bank. It doesn’t have to feel empty.

Jesus intends for us to have full life, but the only way we find it is by giving it away!


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