Siding and trim

Fall has officially arrived here in Kansas, brining many beautiful days to be working outside! While the roof was plodding along (check out that project here), we’ve also been putting up siding.  It’s been exciting to see projects moving forward, the outside getting closer to completion, and work beginning on the inside.

Here are a a few pictures of the siding going up over the last few weeks. What do you think of the shou-sugi-ban siding? (In case you missed it, here’s a link to our post on burning the siding.)

Trim: While friends have been focused on hanging siding and Kyle has been working on other small projects and started some inside work, I’ve been focusing on getting the exterior window and corner trim and fascia boards painted. Got that finished up this weekend.  As of today (Oct 12), the only thing that remains to be done on the outside is finishing up the siding on the lofts, building a front door and window for the front loft, and trimming a few trim pieces on the roof.


The goals is to be completely done on the outside and the walls insulated by winter so we can continue working inside. In the last two weeks or so, this has started to look like a reality!


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