The little red roof

When we started on the roofing back in mid-July, we had no idea it would be this time consuming! Kyle figures there have been 80 hours of work put into installing the roofing alone.

In deciding what to use, shingles were right out – too heavy and would likely fly off as we move the house. Kyle decided to use a standing seam metal roof, which we got from a local lumber yard. This is a concealed fastener roofing system, meaning that there are no screws showing, eliminating holes for water. Before we ordered, the lumberyard sent a rep out to measure the roof so we knew all the proper pieces we needed. Good thing too, because there are a lot of pieces!

Once the roofing was delivered, Kyle and various people cut the panels to size by hand and fastened them to the decking. That was the easy part. After that, there was lots of little, unnoticeable trim pieces and water-proofing pieces that took a lot of time.

The dog-house dormers over the second loft proved to be troublesome again as we figured out how to ensure that water drained off it appropriately. Kyle and a buddy spent several hours figuring out how to tie in the two ridge caps that met at the peak. Since the 12 pitch roof line was taller than the 4 pitch, the smaller ridge slid under the taller one and both ridge caps were able to run all the way through.  After a bit of trimming here and snipping there, they sealed the ridge caps with several layers of caulk.  Hopefully that makes more sense in the pictures. So far, we haven’t had any leaks with the few light rains we’ve had since the roof has been completely sealed. All that we have left for the roof is cutting back some of the trim pieces and bending them over to look nice.

Standing seam metal roof, in our experience, proved a bit trickier than we expected, but the only reason is that we have a tricky roof line. I asked Kyle if he would do it all the same if he could do it again. He said yes – though it’s been time consuming, the dormer lofts will be worth it for the space they will provide, and standing seam is a great roof to use in our situation.

So there you have it. The project, and thus the blog, that has been 3 months in the making is finally done. Feels good to move on to another project!


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