Shou-sugi-ban siding

Some tiny house builders have significant time they can totally dedicate to the project and knock out their home in just a few months. For us, however, life has not stopped. We both have full time jobs so house work happens on weekends (when we’re not busy) and evenings (when we’re not tired). Summer has proved to be busy, keeping us both, but more significantly Kyle, away from house work.

We were excited to have Kyle’s sister and her boyfriend join us for a work day to re-jumpstart the progress mid-August. The project: shou-sugi-ban!  This is an ancient Japanese technique of burning wood in order to make it more rot and bug resistant. Apparently, it’s starting to make its way, slowly but surely, back into modern building design. It took a few months for Kyle to convince me of the idea of BURNING our siding, but in the end, I absolutely love the look!

The project included burning each board with a propane torch, brushing off excess char and sealing it with a stain/sealer.  Derek headed up the burning, Amy and I partnered up in staining the wood, and Kyle worked on cutting the siding just perfect to fit around the wheel wells and other odd jobs.

Here’s some pics of the process.

Since we had trouble finding good info on how to do this on the internet, we made a tutorial video that walks through the process of how we did it. You can view it here.

If you’re thinking about shou-sugi-ban siding for your house or other diy project, it’s a fun, but long and dirty process. We were really grateful for two extra hands! At the end of the day, we had all the siding burned, half of it stained, and three rows installed on the house. The rest will come on a future weekend and final product debuted on a future blog. 🙂



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