The Floorplan

Several of you have been asking to see the floor plan of our house.  We designed it ourselves, based off of a conglomeration of several plans we have seen online.  The measurements may look official, but they’re not.  Tell us what you think.

24' tiny house


4 thoughts on “The Floorplan

    • There is a loft on both ends of the house. These will act as sleeping quarters. The loft that extends over the front door/porch area is the primary bedroom and will use a ladder for access.

    • Our roofline is complicated to accommodate our 2 lofts. The middle of our house, over the great room, has the typical A-frame roof style. The roof over the loft that extends over the front door has a dormered roof essentially where the walls of the house extend up another 2 1/2 feet with the roof pitched back to meet at the same ridge peak. The loft on the other end of the house is a bit more like a dormer you might picture on a traditional house, one that extends out toward the sides of the house to make a gable end over a window. There are pictures of these elsewhere in our blog postings and I’m sure that what I said will become much more clear once we publish our Roofing blog. Both of our lofts have much more space than the A-frame could ever provide and by using different dormer styles, our roofline will be much more interesting to look at from the outside than if it just looked like a big box on wheels

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