I’ve been busy with non-house things this month, so this blog is a conglomeration of progress since the last work-related post on June 15.

Shou sugi ban siding: We finally got a propane torch and did some more experimenting with the shou sugi ban technique of burning wood to make it rot and bug resistant. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! Kyle said that with the torch, it was actually pretty easy to make the even burn that you see below. Much better than over the campfire like our first try. More pictures and walk-through to come as we work on burning the rest of the siding.

Roof ventilation:  In order for the attic space to properly ventilate, Kyle and our friend Zac cut holes in the trim board that goes on the top of the outside wall and stapled screen over the hole so bugs and other unwanted creatures won’t get in. There will be a half inch of space between the roof and insulation in the ceiling in order to keep the roof cooler and help prevent condensation, acting like a soffit vent for a normal house.

Visit from the Schmidts: Kyle’s parents came from Oklahoma to visit us over the 4th of July. In a few hours, Kyle and his dad had all the windows were installed except the big picture window in the front. We’re not sure all our appliances fit through the 2 ft door so we left the window out just in case.

Kyle has learned so much of his craftsmanship from his dad through service projects, home projects and helping others. For years, his dad took his week of vacation to serve with Mennonite Disaster Service building houses or cleaning up after natural disasters, and Kyle had the opportunity to work alongside him on these trips growing up, and most recently has helped him with his remodel of his own home.  What a great example of using one’s gifts to serve others.  Thank you, Tim, for passing these values to your son. It’s been fun for me to watch him use his craftsmanship and creativity to build our home.




7 thoughts on “Craftsmanship

  1. Michael says:

    Nice house!
    So I just came across your blog from a post from Tumbleweed on Facebook and your house looks like a tiny house my aunt saw and took a picture of in Hillsboro, KS. I haven’t read enough of your blog to know whether you’ve said where you are at. If this is correct, I’d love to come see your house if you don’t mind showing?
    And I’ve actually just finished building my tiny house at the end of May, been living in it since near Goessel!

    • Well, isn’t that something? This is the very Hillsboro house you speak of. Feel free to check it out any time. I’m out working on it most weekends which is probably the best time to catch me. We would love to check out your house one of these days too. Not too many Kansans that are into this kind of thing…. yet..

  2. Hi – I’ve been following your blog and live in Lawrence! So glad to have a tutorial about shou-sugi-ban – I’m considering it on the Teeny Tiny House I’m building – 4’x8′!

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