A Journey of Letting Go – Part 2

In my last blog, I shared the beginning of our journey into tiny living and how it all started with a deer. Through that little encounter, God opened my eyes to see some things I had placed above him and began to ready my heart for a big change. Read the full story here.

Another step in the decision-making process toward tiny living came last December as Kyle and I were trying to compile a Christmas wish list for our family gatherings. After living in Thailand for 7 months, we acknowledged that we had more than most, and we couldn’t think of a single thing that we actually needed. We also started looking around our house at all the stuff that has been in boxes since we moved last and the things we have rarely or never used. We started dreaming about what it would be like to actually live in a tiny house, and I started getting excited about this idea and for the first time, began to consider it an actual possibility for us. We spent hours looking over tiny house floor plans, mapping out a few plans on our living room floor and trying to get a feel for what a 8×24 foot home would be like.

We started thinking about all the money we would save in lower utilities and next-to-nothing rent, and how much more we could give to support our friends’ ministries around the world. We know a lot of people our age who are involved in missions, and desire to support God’s work through them. Also, because of our 7 month mission experience, we have Thai friends who have received eternal life through the ministries we were a part of and we want to see them continue.

Around February, we were to the point where we both wanted to build a tiny house, but needed something to help us make that decision. So we went to a Tumbleweed Tiny House workshop in Denver where we learned lots of practical information, got some good ideas, and helped us make that final decision. Tumbleweed is a company that sells fully built tiny houses, trailers, and detailed, engineered tiny house floor plans. Tumbleweed was the first site Kyle looked at when he first discovered tiny houses.

Tumbleweed conferences are designed so that even if you haven’t built a thing in your life, you would be given the resources to do so. And even for Kyle, who knows a lot about construction, the workshop gave us valuable resources and ideas that would’ve taken hours to research. And it definitely put my mind at ease about a few things (like composting toilets. 🙂 I’m sure there will be more on that topic in a future blog).

I thought I had surrendered everything to God while we were on mission in Thailand – I was wrong. Since we returned to the States just over a year ago, God has continued to reveal areas of our life that are not completely surrendered to him. Some of you may be thinking “I could never downsize to less than 200 square feet.” But let me tell you, it has been a joy to surrender our stuff and our lives to the God who pursues us and never lets us settle with anything less than his best. If He’s calling you to give up something, He will provide for you. It will be worth it. In fact, chances are, it will be the adventure of your lifetime!

We even got to tour a 20' tiny house at the Tumbleweed workshop!

Our first tiny house tour at the Tumbleweed workshop in March!

God keeps inviting us into wild adventures… I wonder where this one will lead!



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