Raise the Roof – Part 2

This was our anniversary week – 1,825 awesome days being married to this guy! Friends of ours reminded Kyle that the traditional gift for a 5 year anniversary is something made of wood. Well, here’s our gift to each other! 5 years ago, I never would have guessed the adventures God would take us on as we said yes to him – 10 months of intense discipleship and ministry in Thailand, working with MB Mission and being a part of training and sending young people around the world, and now building our own 200 sq/ft tiny home? What a ride it has been! An awesome one, full of questions, fear and doubt at times. But God has come through every time. Following God is always worth it! And you’re bound to get some awesome stories from the adventures you have when you just simply step out of your world and into his.

Here’s to 50+ more adventure-filled years! (Thanks, Zac, for the pictures!)

Roof construction continued this weekend. Not much to say, except we are both exhausted and sore today… But happy to have a roof over our heads:) It’s actually not water tight yet, as we ran out of tape to seal the cracks, so the crazy storm we had last night still got the floor wet, BUT it’s a lot closer. All we lack is sealing the roof and installing the windows.



2 thoughts on “Raise the Roof – Part 2

  1. Happy anniversary. Your cousin, Mollie turned 22 this week and is setting off on adventures of her own. So here’s for that annoying family type question that you should only be getting at Thanksgiving and weddings. When is your mother going to be getting some good news? And how is that going to factor into your tiny house?

    • I’ve seen several people writing about how they live small with multiple children. It can be done and I’m sure we could figure out how to make it work. But as far as that’s concerned… one adventure at a time…

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