The foundation (trailer) has arrived!

The trailer is here!!! That means construction can officially begin! We ended up getting a Tumbleweed trailer, which was custom built for tiny houses so we wouldn’t have to do any modifying to accommodate a house.  Kyle is a builder kind of guy and has been dreaming about building this for a long time. We’ve read somewhere that it takes around 500 working hours to build a tiny house. So with Kyle having 2 days a week he can fully commit to working on it, we would love to be moved in by the end of the year, but realistically, probably not till Spring.

The foundation arrived!

The foundation arrived!

We also have windows! Picked those up a few weeks ago.

Tiny windows for a tiny house

Tiny windows for a tiny house

Friends have asked where we will park it. We don’t have a place yet, but are open to suggestions! All we’d need is some electrcity and a water faucet and a yard for our dog! We’d love to live in the country again, so we’re thinking an abandoned farmyard might work well…. Anyone know of a place around Hillsboro? This is still 8+ months away so we have a while to think about it.

Below is the house that inspired the floor plan. The outside will look similar to this one – minus the purple and plus shoo sugi ban style siding. Shou sugi ban is an ancient Japanese technique of burning wood to make it more weather and insect resistant. The char is a natural bug repellent and rot protector. On cedar it creates a sweet silver shimmer. We’ve never done this before, so it will take some experimenting to get it to look how we want it to look.

This is the house we have in mind, with a few modifications.

This is the house we have in mind, with a few modifications.

Sho-sugi-ban siding. Who knew you could burn wood to weather it....

Example of shou-sugi-ban siding. Who knew you could burn wood to weather it….

Now all we need is more lumber and walls will start to go up in the next week or two!! We’re starting to see some progress to our dream!


7 thoughts on “The foundation (trailer) has arrived!

  1. Emily says:

    Wow! Thanks for sharing your journey. Just hearing your story so far has ministered to me.
    P.S. I enjoy reading your writing!

  2. What is the length of the trailer you purchased from Tumbleweed? I haven’t seen a three axle from Tumbleweed before. Do you mind asking how much it cost? I’ve begun planning and believe we will be looking at 28′ or 30′ trailers, which will likely put us in the three axle category. Are the axles rated at 5200lb?

    • Originally I was looking at trying to find a trailer in the 27 or 30′ range. The first problem I found with that is the rarity of a trailer that long that’s still a bumper pull. Most of them are gooseneck, which I didn’t want. Secondly, I was finding it challenging to find something decent on craigslist that wouldn’t require a whole lot of modifications. In the end, it seemed equally cost (and time) effective to get a trailer from Tumbleweed. It’s manufactured specifically to put a house on. The trailer we purchased was a 24′ trailer. Tumbleweed’s 20 and 22 foot trailers are only two axle trailers while the 24′ is triple. I think I remember hearing that you can estimate your house to weigh about 400 lbs per linear foot once it’s built, before you move all your stuff into it. So that means my house will be just shy of 10,000 lbs when I’m done. The axles are rated at 5200lb each so with only 2 axles, that wouldn’t leave me with capacity left for appliances and everything else. That’s way Tumbleweed makes their 24′ trailers with three 5200lb axles. Plenty of legal weight capacity.
      Here’s the link to Tumbleweed trailers:
      The 24′ costs $5800. We bought it while we were at one of their workshops so it was discounted a couple hundred dollars which basically means I got a free workshop.

      • Kyle,

        Thank you for the reply. I’ve seen a few that are longer than 24′ that are bumper pull and was looking at Tiny House Trailers (, which will do custom lengths and can provide 7000lb axles. I may have missed this somewhere in the blog but what will your inside dimensions be of the home? Under 8′?

        I’ve been using the hOMe from as a source of inspiration/model. That was built on a 28′ trailer and the floor was built to the outside dimensions allowable for road standards (i.e. the wheels are inside the outer rails).

        Thanks for the help in advance.



      • Those look like great trailers. Some quick compare and contrast: I like the idea of heavier axles, although 3 axles helps with weight distribution but adds significantly to the cost. The floor of mine was pretty easy to insulate the floor since there are only lateral support beams, nothing lengthwise. The trailers you mention, however, look like you can get an extra 2 inches or so of insulation into if you flash the bottom of the 5″ tubing. I managed to squeeze R19.5 into my 3″ but my C channel beams made the insulation almost continuous.
        The outside of my walls are 88″ before siding. We decided that we wanted to have some eave overhang all the way around (instead of building the walls all the way out to the legal 102″) so that our home would look a bit more like a house and less like a barn. Eaves also help to put the rain away from the house a bit instead letting it all run down the side. Also, the Tumbleweed trailer isn’t designed to build any wider than what we did. Our walls hang over the outside of the frame by 2″ so I put 2″ cedar rim joists on the outside to help with support. These trailers you mentioned appear to be built to accommodate a wider house like you are thinking about.

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