Our Tiny Adventure

Kyle and I are starting a new adventure! We are building a house!! Not a typical, conventional house, but a very small house. Tiny in fact. Under 200 square feet. For many of our friends and family, this idea sounds either intriguing or ridiculous. For others of you who stumbled across this blog in search of other tiny house blogs, you may find yourself somewhere in the process of this journey yourself. We have learned a lot from people blogging their tiny house journey, and hope we can contribute to resourcing people on the adventure of downsizing and sustainable living, and perhaps give a different perspective.

I will tell the story of our journey towards a simpler life in future blog, but I want to start off this series of blogs with our vision for tiny living or at least, some of our motivations for doing so. I’d say that some of our motives are very similar to others in the tiny house movement. I mean, how many things could possibly drive someone into living in such a small space other than varying degrees and combinations of minimalism, sustainability, financial consciousness, etc?

For those of you who are not familiar with the tiny house movement, here’s some of the reasons and motivation for tiny house living. Tiny houses cost less than a down payment on a conventional house, so many people build a tiny house in order to live within their means and pay off debt or save for a larger home in the future. Tiny houses use significantly less energy and leave a smaller footprint, so it is a means to preserve the earth’s resources and/or live off the grid. Folks in this movement are realizing that space can be an expensive commodity. In other words, if you buy a big house, you have to buy bigger and more furniture and other pretty things to fill the space. However, if you think about how much of your house you actually use, it boils down to kitchen, bed, couch, and toilet. The rest of the space is essentially a hallway, a means by which to get from one place to another.

One of our initial reasons for tiny living falls under the financial category. We’ve lived in several rentals and we’re excited about having a place to call our own. Another reason is STUFF. We have it. We’re tired of moving it from place to place. The only reason we keep most of it is because we have places to put it. Many of the blogs we are reading say having less stuff is freeing. Less stuff equals less clutter in the home as well as the mind. Simpler living space equals simpler life-style.

As we began thinking more seriously about the possibility of this new lifestyle, some new motivations started coming to light for us. As Christians, we believe that God desires for us to live a life that glorifies him and that reaches out to people around us. We desire to live an intentional life of following and obeying God, and felt he was leading us to this lifestyle as a form of ministry. We don’t know exactly what form this ministry will take or the details of how he desires to use us in this way, but we are taking steps toward following Him and pray he will reveal to us the opportunities along the way.

We intend to use this blog to help process our thoughts on the journey of this radical lifestyle. We also hope this will encourage other Christians who are looking for a new way of life via tiny living and pray it challenges each one who reads.



One thought on “Our Tiny Adventure

  1. Hi Danae. I don’t think that you will regret the decision. It is surprising how little it takes to live comfortably. Have you talked to Mark Mason about his experience living in a small RV? I’m sure he could have a lot of insight for you.

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