Where we go from here

What a year it has been for us as we have served alongside the missionaries and pastors in Chachoengsao, Thailand. Our hearts are full of praise as we look back in awe at what God did in and through us. We praise God for safety and health for us and all of our team. Although we all experienced a little sickness, nothing was critical. We praise God for His Presence in our daily lives and ministries: Hope Center youth group, Bethel Church Sunday School, and Burmese ministries. We give all glory to God for the many lives that were changed before our eyes as they surrendered to Jesus: our Coffee selling friend, Not; new and old youth Bop, Bay, Mae, Mo, Benz, Mae, Daow; Church friends P’Chin, Gai and Gao; the slum kids Oak, Waa, Ice, Gai, Fluke. We praise God for continued growth in the Church and youth group. We may have gone, but God’s Presence remained strong. Praise God! As we’ve heard bits and pieces of the ministries since we’ve been gone, we praise God for his continued work in our friends’ lives. Please take time to read Dave and Louise’s newsletter about God’s continued work in Chachoengsao. https://www.smore.com/a6ze-sinclair-peters-in-thailand Finally, we praise God for renewed passion and faith in our own lives. And we are thankful that He’s not finished with us yet!

15. DSC_3927a

Lives being changed as they accept Christ at the Hope Center.

So, what’s next, you may ask.

As we processed our year during debrief, we felt led towards two passions: we wanted to see people find new, vibrant life in Christ and we wanted to see our church and young people live missionally.  We were approached by MB Mission staff about considering an internship with MB Mission in the Midwestern US. This would include promoting short-term programs to MB churches across the central states, assisting with coordinating the short-term mission programs in the area, and various administration duties.  We agreed to the internship and I (Danae) will be joining Jon Pritchard and Joanna Chapa as a part of the Midwest MB Mission team. In the last few weeks, I have felt such confirmation that this is where we are to be for this year. I’ve found myself come alive when I talk about what God has done in and around me and when I get the opportunity to challenge friends to think about missions. We are excited to see how God uses us and broadens our passions this year.

We will be moving to Hillsboro, Kansas this week, September 6. This will be an 11-month internship for Danae, and Kyle is searching for a job in the area. Since the internship is a volunteer position, we are raising a total of $9,350 to help provide for our living expenses throughout the year.  We are looking for individuals who will partner with us in mobilizing young adults to short-term missions by giving one-time gifts or donating monthly. If this is something God has laid on your heart, you may donate online by going to this website https://secure.mbmission.org/donate/us/C7894 and selecting Danae’s name under “participant.” You may also mail a check to the address below. Please make the check payable to MB Mission and write “Danae Schmidt C7894” in the memo line.

MB Mission
#300 – 32040 Downes Rd.
Abbotsford, BC V4X 1X5

Thank you everyone who has supported us in the last year.  We saw and felt God working through your prayers, and we could not have gone without your gifts.

We have been convicted of two things this year. First, missions is not a career that only the super spiritual and dedicated pursue, but a lifestyle that every Christian is called to. There are people in every neighborhood in America that do not know Jesus as their Savior. There are also millions of people worldwide that need someone to tell them about Christ. “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.” We are never too old or too young for new beginnings and new callings. We served with a missionary couple in Thailand who in their 60s began pursuing long-term missions and has committed to 10 years of loving the Thai people and telling them about their Savior.  We also walked beside a 77-year old short-term participant as she experienced God laying new passions and callings on her heart while in Thailand.

Second, when we take risks and step out of our comfort and safety zones, we are forced to completely trust God, and we can more fully love and minister to those around us the way Christ calls us to. We have experienced that when we did what we thought was impossible to us (i.e. studying the Bible with a teenager in Thai, leading a team, loving dirty, mean kids, just surviving the Thailand hot season!), God showed up and he proved that He is bigger than what we deem impossible.  Let God do something impossible through you. Take a risk! You’ll be glad that you did.

Please Pray with Us

  • We have experienced the importance of being mentored and surrounding ourselves with life-givers. Pray that as we transition into a new community, we will be able to connect with life-giving friends and mentors, people who will encourage us and strengthen us in the Lord. We will be living with another young couple in Hillsboro. Pray for life-giving relationships to develop and that we will be able to encourage and challenge each other in our walks with the Lord.
  • Danae will potentially be doing a lot of traveling to churches across the Midwest with the mobilization team. Pray for traveling safety as well as many open doors and open hearts to invite young people to join short-term mission programs.
  • Pray for revival across our nation and in the Church. God is calling for prayer warriors, who will stand against the powers of darkness and hold up Christ’s Bride in prayer. Great things can happen through the power of prayer!

We plan to continue our blog and email newsletters during our internship. So stay in touch! Thanks again to all of you for partnering with us!

Love in Christ,

Kyle and Danae Schmidt

19. DSC_6389a (1)

Fun at an elephant park our last week in Thailand.


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