Mo Chit

When is a time that you have stood up for Jesus?

This is the question that followed a study of Matthew 4, The Temptation of Jesus.  After a couple people shared some instances when they had made a stand for Christ, a young Burmese man spoke up.  After surviving the translation from Burmese to Thai to English, this is the story of Mo Chit.

Like most people from Burma, Mo Chit grew up as a Buddhist.  He became a Christian when he was about 20 and was dedicated to studying God’s Word.  After a year of attending church and being around believers, he got a job working for a man who owned a big farm.  Mo Chit was a hard worker and quickly gained the respect of his employer.  At the same time, he was separated from his church family but remained faithful to God and studied the Bible as best he could on his own.  This continued for about three years until Mo Chit was given an offer from his employer.  The farm owner had no children of his own and his farming operation was very large.  He owned much land and hired lots of people.  He treated Mo Chit like his son.  One day, soon before he was going to retire, the farmer told Mo Chit that he was willing to give him the whole farm.  This was a huge offer!  Mo Chit would never have an opportunity like this again!  The only thing Mo Chit had to do was spend some time as a monk.  This would mean that he would have to give up his faith in Jesus and become a Buddhist again, but he would gain so much money, so much power.  What would you do if you had to face a situation like this?  –  Mo Chit ran –  He didn’t know how to deal with that situation, but he did know that he wasn’t ready to give up Jesus.  He ran away but was soon caught by the farmer’s men and brought back.  The farmer made him the same offer again and again he ran.  This time he got away and fled to Thailand.  Now he works as a pastor with our Burmese ministry here in Chachoensao.  Mo Chit is a humble servant of Jesus with a quiet spirit and a deep love for his people.  He lives on very little money and would give it all away for the sake of others.

Mo Chit, serving as a pastor in Bang Sai

Mo Chit, serving as a pastor in Bang Sai

In what ways are you taking a stand in God’s Kingdom?

12 Burmese men and women were recently recognized as church elders/decons.

12 Burmese men and women were recently recognized as church elders/decons.


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