Christmas Outreach 24-hour Prayer

Christmas is quickly approaching and just like at home, it is a busy season for us in Chachoengsao.  Christmas is not a recognized holiday in Thailand, so the missionary team is planning several outreach events to spread the meaning of Christmas to those who have not heard.  Many of these outreaches will be in areas that have had no exposure to the gospel.  We know that the Evil One does not want to give up his territory, and want to cover these ministries in prayer.

Would you join us in a 24-hour prayer event to cover these ministries?  On Friday, December 7, beginning at noon (1am CST), we will be traveling to the various Christmas ministry locations to cover the upcoming outreaches in prayer and then finish praying through Friday night and Saturday morning in Chachoengsao.  Would you join us in praying for one hour on Friday and Saturday? We need the power of Christ to go with us and we know there is power in prayer!

  • Pray for unity in Christ among the missionary team, TREK team, and the national leaders as we plan these events. Conflict is a way the devil distracts from effective ministry. Pray that we will be quick to forgive and ready to support one another.
  • Please pray that the Thai and Burmese believers will preach the message of the risen Christ with great boldness and love! Praise God that His perfect love casts out all fear as we step out in faith.
  • Matthew 13 talks about the conditions of man’s heart, and we are praying that the seed will fall on soft and fertile ground, and that the devil may not snatch it away. Pray that the eyes of Buddhists would be opened to the power of Jesus Christ. Pray that those who make a decision to follow Jesus would be sincere and eager to grow in their new faith.
  • Pray that the Church will be able to care for and disciple every new believer.
  • Bind the work of the Evil One as he seeks to deceive and steal the gift of faith. Push back the powers of darkness through praise, worship and spiritual authority as Children of God.

Please set aside one hour on Friday or Saturday to join us in making an eternal difference in someone’s life.  Send us an email ( or post a message with the hour you want to set aside to pray. Help us break the bondage of darkness and release salvation in Jesus Christ for the Thai and Burmese people!


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