Life of a TREK team in Chachoengsao

We thought you might appreciate knowing a bit of what our week looks like. Not that it’s ever the same from one week to the next, but these are the consistent ministries we are a part of.

Sundays – We attend Bethel Church (the Thai church) in the morning. Every other week I play keyboard on the worship team. Two or three of us assist two Thai youth in leading Sunday School for the kids during the sermon by providing a game and craft/coloring activity.  Sunday evening, we go to Lighthouse Church (the Burmese church). I play with the worship team every other week here as well. A few of us provide quiet activities for the young kids, while the rest pray for the church and the people in attendance.

Monday is our day off! We rest, read, study Thai, skype with family/friends, etc. A couple weeks ago Kyle and I and another teammate went to Bangkok to see James Bond. Since the train ride and movie took all day, we don’t do big events like that often. We do plan to see the Hobbit on December 13th, per Kyle’s request. 🙂

Tuesday – In the morning we join the Burmese leaders in a time of worship, encouragement, and prayer, followed by Burmese lunch.

Wednesday – We are teaching one hour of ESL (English as a Second Language) at a local school. We have a brief Thai lesson in the afternoon, and prayer meeting at Bethel in the evening.

Thursday – Thai lesson in the morning. A teammate and myself are teaching two girls piano in the afternoon.

Friday – We have worship and mentoring in the morning with the missionaries. In the evening we host Youth Group (mostly Bethel kids) at the Hope Center. Others provide the lesson and we really just sit in.

Saturday – We get together with Dave and Ajaan Naat (from Bethel) and plan the lessons for the week.

Whatever schedule we have tried to create, will soon become crazy with the upcoming Christmas events. Here are some of the additional ministries we will be a part of this Christmas season.

December 5 – Burmese ministry outreach in Bangkok.

December 16 – Outreach at Gai and Gao’s village (members of Bethel church).

December 19 – Carnival/outreach at a school in Chachoengsao where we teach English.

December 21 – Outreach at Sandy’s neighborhood.

December 23 – Outreach in the Bethel community.

Pray that the preparations for these ministries will fall into place and doors will open in the hearts of people who attend each of these events.

Here are some pictures from the last few weeks.

We were invited to a Burmese Christian wedding – the first wedding for the Lighthouse Church. Our team sang a song and enjoyed the celebration.

Worship at Lighthouse Church is always energetic and heart-felt!

Sandy hosted Thanksgiving for the Bethel youth at her house on the 23rd. Our team was delighted to have turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and pumpkin pie. The kids didn’t like the potatoes and wished they had rice instead!


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