The Moon is Smiling Tonight

This blog is long overdue…5 days at least. We have been quite busy this week with various ministries and the Spirit of God is moving quickly through Chachoengsao! As Louise was driving us back from a spirit-filled church service last Sunday evening, we noticed the crescent moon waxing in the western sky. Louise said “the moon is smiling tonight.” I agreed and added that God was smiling too.

The “smiling” of the moon (and of the heavenly hosts) began last Friday night at youth group. This was the first meeting since school resumed, so Sandy didn’t know how many kids to expect. Much to our delight, 15 kids showed up, which is a large number compared to this time last year. They seem to have an immediate trust of our team and are eager to pass out hellos, smiles, and even a few hugs. We are fortunate to be building off of the efforts of last years’ TREK team. After eating rice together, we sang a few worship songs led by three of the youth, Dtoom, Boat, and Benz.  Our teammate, Kiersten, gave her testimony about how she has been accepted by Christ and has learned that she doesn’t have to work to please God and earn his acceptance. As Ajaan (pastor) Naat spoke, I prayed that the spirit would move in the kids’ hearts and that they would be open to the gospel. She gave an invitation and before we knew what was happening, three girls moved forward and accepted Christ. Mint, Oshan, and Mo. Mint is new to the youth group – only about a month. Oshan has only been coming to church a few weeks, and Sandy said she has never seen Mo before. Tonight we welcomed three beautiful girls into the Kingdom! The moon was smiling!

The Spirit was moving on Sunday as well. At Bethel church (the Thai church), Ajaan Dave called the people to their knees to repent of their sins and commit to reading the Bible, prayer, and living for God every day this week. We spent 30 minutes on our knees praying out loud together. Ajaan Naat boldly prayed over people as they came forward and called them out on specific things they needed to turn from. Revival is coming to Bethel.

The smiling didn’t stop there. At Lighthouse church (the Burmese church) that evening, Ajaan Isaiah spoke on living for Christ daily. Since all of these services are either in Burmese or Thai, we spend a lot of time praying for the church and interceding for the people. As Isaiah was coming up to speak, I prayed that God would close his mouth on words that were his own and that only God’s words would be spoken. Near the end of the sermon, I felt the need to pray for the lost people attending the service this evening. I specifically asked that God would open their hearts and they would receive Christ tonight. Not more than two minutes after I finished praying, people began to stand – 7 in fact! Louise told us they were standing to accept Christ! Praise God!  Isaiah gave an invitation to anyone to come forward for prayer, and about 15 more came forward. We closed the services praying for and laying our hands on these individuals.

The spirit is moving like crazy here and people who have been closed to the gospel have been asking for more information and voicing interest in coming to church. Please be interceding for these people with us. Pray for spiritual protection over these 10 who accepted Christ this week. Some of their families are not thrilled to say the least that they have turned from Buddhism.

I want to encourage you also, to look and see how the spirit is moving in your town. God is not only working in Thailand. He is working back home in Corn and in your hometown too. Look to see where you can be involved, where you can pray. God is smiling on you too.

In Christ,


Mint, Oshan, and Mo accepted Christ on Friday at Hope Center cell group.

Ajaan Naat (white shirt) prays with power at the Bethel prayer meeting.

Seven people accepted Christ at Lighthouse Church.



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