Thai and Burmese Worship

Greetings from Chachoengsao, Thailand!

We are very thankful for safe travels to Thailand with no mishaps or complications – just long flights!  We were all grateful to be lying horizontal at the hotel on Saturday night! Kyle and I are staying at the Hope Center in Chachoengsao and the girls are staying in two apartments down the road a ways. We have been learning a lot – a few Thai words and phrases (numbers, greetings, and questions like “what is this called” and “how much”) and we’re learning the ropes of three types of transportation (bus, son tao- a pickup with benches in the back, and motorcycle).

I have again been reminded of the authenticity of the Thai worship services. We attended the Bethel church on Sunday morning and experienced wonderful hospitality and worship. We knew several of the songs, so we sung along in English while they sung in Thai. Sunday night we went to worship with the Burmese at the Lighthouse church, but left before the sermon so we could get an early night!

Tuesday we joined in the prayer meeting with the Burmese leaders at Dave and Louise’s house. Kyle and I led three songs in English and one of the guys led three songs in Burmese. Louise gave a devotional in Thai from Ephesians 4:29-32. Pastor Isaiah translated to Burmese and Dave translated to English. We spent some time praying for each other and for the Burmese churches. After the meeting we had kow soi – a delicious Burmese meal of long noodles with a creamy white sauce, onions, cilantro, lime and hard boiled eggs.  Pastor Isaiah asked us if we would learn a traditional Burmese dance for their Christmas outreach. Of course we said yes! Since several of the ladies were in town for the meeting we had our first dancing lesson that afternoon. If you want to get a quick peek, check out the video on facebook – Fortunately for Kyle, the dance was only for women, so he sat happily bored in the back!  Wednesday evening we went back to Bethel to join their prayer meeting for their church and muban (village). We are looking forward to be able to go to a baptism at Ang Sela church near Chonburi this weekend!

God has been good and we are excited to begin ministry here! We have  a few prayer requests:

  • Judy has been sick the last two days and will be staying with Dave and Louise while the rest of us go to Chonburi to work on a playground at the Abundant Life Home this weekend. Pray for her quick healing and lots of rest.
  • There is not a lot of English spoken here in Chachoengsao and we don’t know much Thai…yet. Pray that we pick up the language quickly and are able to have conversations with our neighbors and the store keepers. Life around town will be much easier once we can communicate!
  • Pray for opportunities for ministry with Gung, a woman who works at a massage parlor down the street. She speaks English fluently and we had our first informal language lesson from her earlier this week while we got foot massages.

Thank you for your prayers!


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