Team Announcements

It’s been a while since we posted – not because things aren’t happening, but because they are happening so quickly! In the last two weeks, big events have included teams being announced, and the Amazing Trek. On Tuesday, 9/25, we all gathered in the great room of the chalet here at the Mark Centre and Luke Haidle flipped the chart to reveal the team assignments. Luke, the director of TREK, and the three interns spent two hours on Monday afternoon hearing from God and discerning team members, the location of each team, and who would be the team leader. These are some things that went through my head on Tuesday morning when Luke flipped the chart.

The first thing I saw was that Kyle and I will be going to Thailand. I am very excited about this, and know God is bringing us back to Thailand for a reason. I looked down the list of names under ours and was happy to see that I didn’t have any concern with any of the members on my team. We are quite a diverse team. Irene and Judy are from Germany, Kara and Kierstin are from the Abbotsford area, and Kyle and I are of course from Oklahoma. The last thing I saw, as I looked at the team assignments was the two words beside our names. “Team Leaders.” Coming in to TREK, Kyle and I had mentioned to each other that we might be chosen to be team leaders. But through the first and second week of training, I began to realize that I have a long way to go on my spiritual journey and Monday night, I completely released that to God. I hoped I wouldn’t be a leader and would be very content to follow. I was incredibly humbled and a little scared when the reality of being a team leader sunk in. I am grateful to have Kyle with me in this, to have such a supportive team, and to have Jesus walking with me, because without him, I know that I am nothing.

Irene, Judy, Kara, Kyle, Kierstin, Danae

This week has been awesome getting to know our team. They are a great group of girls and I am so excited to see how God uses each of our gifts to complement each other. Saturday morning, Team Thailand, Team Portugal, Team Mongolia and Team Germany gathered at 4 AM to embark on our first team building exercise, the Amazing Trek. Modeled after the Amazing Race on CBS, the Amazing Trek is an intense day packed with running around the city of Abbotsford for 16+ hours, eating weird food, and doing various team building exercises and activities designed to be similar to ones we may face on the field. Our team was in second place most of the day, behind a threesome of athletic guys who ran the entire day, but fell to third place after the team behind us literally found the needle in the haystack during one of the challenges. By 8:30pm, first through third place finished the race within 15 minutes of each other by navigating through a corn maze. Our team seemed to get along great during the Amazing Trek and each one participated in the events and contributed to the group. With a few sore knees and legs, and sore stomach muscles from losing (or expelling) the “Missionary Breakfast,” our team pressed on! I am so proud of my team!


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