Doreen’s Poem

We arrived safely in Abbotsford on Sunday evening and met our fellow TREKers. I can already feel some strong relationships building and it has been exciting to have God come up in every conversation! It feels like I’m back at Tabor – only with less free time! We have a busy schedule, with some free time before supper today and yesterday.

We were introduced to this poem yesterday by Doreen Kostynuik:
Follow Jesus around the Scriptures – be an observer
Watch how he looks
Watch how he touches
Watch how is is present to people
Watch how he prays and takes time out.

Let him look at you
Let you touch you
Let him hold you
Let him heal you
Let him be present to you.

Then become the look
Become the touch
Become the presence.

My focus this week has been the second stanza. I feel God calling me back to him. He wants to speak to me and so often I am to busy to hear from him. I am excited to see what God wants to share with me!

Here are a few things to be praying for:
– That we develop strong relationships with our fellow TREKers
– That we learn self discipline to take time for hearing from God
– For Luke (TREK director), Sarah, Leah, and Mark (TREK interns) as they discern God’s placement for teams in the next two weeks.
– For health and rest so that we can learn everything God has for us


One thought on “Doreen’s Poem

  1. Leah Rose says:

    I love that poem. I remember when they introduced it to us at my TREK training. I’m praying for you guys and look forward to reading more stories in the future! Soak up every bit of the silent retreat that you have soon (I believe)!

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