Expecting Great Things

We got up early yesterday morning to head to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco with high expectations. There’s just something about going to see a famous landmark that you have seen in TV shows and pictures since you were 5. We also hoped to see more ocean, as it had been foggy the evening before when we were driving up The One (that is, Highway One, which follows the coast up California). We walked around Fisherman’s Warf and looked out across the foggy bay to Alcatraz, still hoping that the Bridge would not be surrounded in fog.  As we drove around the Bay towards the Bridge (or at least in the direction where the Bridge was supposed to be according to the map), our suspicions were confirmed. We drove across one of the most famous bridges in the world without seeing much more than the guide wires to the side and the vehicles in front of us. What a bummer!  And as it would be, the fog lifted as soon as we rejoined the land on the other side. We pulled off the road to a lookout point and walked down towards the water. There we saw the Bridge, peeking above the thick clouds.

Sometimes we expect to see great and wonderful things from God, but we are sadly disappointed when He doesn’t reveal Himself, or when He doesn’t do things the way we think He should. We go through life without expecting God to move. We drive across the Bridge without even knowing it, without hearing Him whispering to us, “Just enjoy the ride. Open your eyes and see me in the small things.” In hindsight, we see that God was always there, strong and steady. It was our clouds of doubt that prevented us from seeing Him.

Our view of the Golden Gate Bridge

Clouds are sure to come, and I’m sure rain will dampen a few picnics, but the Bridge of Christ’s love and grace are always there, strong and steadily working to draw His people to Himself.


One thought on “Expecting Great Things

  1. Chandelle Claassen says:

    I am enjoying your blog posts. Your articulating is beautiful and such a blessing. Prayers to you both and your family and your team.

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